Weekly Meetings

             Bible  Study   Wednesday @ 6:00 pm. 

                             Church Office Hours                                               Wednesdays 5:00- 6:00 pm.

Committee on Nomination and  Large of Council 

 Meet the Church Officers  of 2020

Mrs. Brenda Lawson
Mr.Robert Johnson
Ch.of Trustees
 Ch.Church Council
Ms. Deborah C Calhoun
Mrs. Ruby Times
Lay Mem. to AC
Ms. Janet Clayton
Mr. John Dicks, Jr.
Pres. UMM
Mrs. Ruby Times
Age Level/Family Min.
Mrs. Brenda Lawson
Epworth Local Church Rep.
Mrs. Brenda Lawson
Pres. UMW
Mrs. Julia E. Well
Older Adult Ministry
Mrs. Selena Washington
Youth Ministry
Mrs. Ruby McKenzie
Native American Coord.
Mrs. Vivian Jenkins
Health & Welfare
Mrs. Joyce Buie
Ch. Worship
Mrs. Yolandra D. Wilson
Ch. Outreach
Mr. Al Spencer
Dis. Relief Coord.
Communication Coordinators
  Mrs. Joyce Buie                                             Mr. Al Spencer                                          Mrs. Virginia King
Mrs. Virginia King

Media Console

Mr. Vincent Ferguson      Mr. Al Spencer
Membership Sec.
Mrs. Julia Wells
Church Historian