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                             Emmanuel's History

                                                             A Condensed Version


Emmanuel United Methodist Church was organized in 1864 as a :Bush Arbor" church, in a shed built with poles and covered with moss, on land purchased by the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. First pastored by the Reverend B. Frank Whittemore. The church had 15 - members join ordained ministry by 1890. The original structure was located on  the west side of South Main Street. The land on the east-side of South Main Street, where the church currently stands, was purchased in 1900. The present Emmanuel Sanctuary was built in 1901. It's the oldest church  building of any denomination that is currently being used for worship in the city of Sumter, SC. Additions to the 1901 structure include the Ferguson Educational Annex (1952) and the Goodwin Family Life Center (1988). Since its founding in 1864, Emmanuel has been an active part of the Sumter, community, with many local and global positive impacts that have been influenced by our ministry, service, leadership and extended worldwide through our Connectional affiliation with the United Methodist Church.


Our mission shall be to create innovative and meaningful ministry programs. Emmanuel envisions that a more vibrant worship service, combined with a deeper Biblical perspective, will enable us to nurture

persons through Christian education, outreach and spiritual development. A major emphasis will be to involve the youth, focus on Evangelism fellowship and firmly establish one church as a Shalom Community.


We believe that Emmanuel is called to win disciples to Jesus Christ and instill in God's community the mission of witnessing His true love. He calls us to demonstrates the oneness of God's spirit as we minister to the needs of a diverse community. We are seeking to empower persons to fulfill their potential for spiritual growth. We acknowledge that with God, we can accomplish great things as we witness to the Saviorhood of Jesus Christ.